Global healthcare company that believes in human optimization with expertise in innovative solutions for health and wellbeing by developing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and botanical based medicines.

Designed by Nature
Cannsun Medhel is a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company with a 103 year old history, including cultivation and extraction on three continents.

A team of industry specialists which have joined forces to cover the entire spectrum of the modern day pharmaceutical development lifecycle.
We distribute our products to thousands of healthcare professionals and pharmacies worldwide. Our current projected growth will enable us to extend this further, so that we can help people everywhere live better, longer, lives.

Key manufacturing and distribution hubs

Cannsun Medhel has world-class facilities in Greece, South Africa, Thailand and Lesotho.


Distribution of prescription drugs for treatment of disorders with central nervous system, cardiovascular & oncology

Skin Care
Greek derived cosmetic formulations with natural botanicals and cannabinoids

Woman’s Health
Treatment of menstrual pain, PMS & infections utilizing cannabinoids and psychedelics

Botanical Based supplements with cannabinoids – formulated for pain, energy, mood and rest

Cannabis Cultivation​ & Extraction
Medical cannabis grown and distributed with the patient in mind. Cannabinoid extraction for consistent and safe API for medical use